Saturday, 9 July 2011


Little kids are a blessing. My little boy, Samuel, is. Cute little bundles of joy, love and vivacity. But this very day little Johnny was more like a nuisance. Or so Johnny’s daddy thought.

He is a busy executive who had come home with a briefcase full of work. Five year old Johnny was demanding time but due to deadlines the dad reluctantly told his boy he had several hours of work that took priority. Johnny asked time and again, “Can’t you play now, Dad?” That was when the young dad got a brilliant idea.

Before him was a newspaper containing a map of the world. He tore up the paper in pieces and gave it to his son to put it back together, telling him that when the “puzzle” is finished, there would be time to play. He had bargained for some uninterrupted time. However, in a matter of minutes Johnny called his dad to look at the map. Astonished, the father asked how he had managed to do it so quickly. The young lad explained that on the other side of the map was a picture of a man and that once he got the man right, the world was right.

Once you get the ‘man’ right, it’s easy to get the ‘world’ right! You can change the world, but not until you change your world. Personal transformation is the key to national transformation. Personal change precedes corporate transformation. Personal transformation is the key to your professional, marital and material success. That is the message of my new book, YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR WORLD! coming out of the press in a few weeks time.

I do believe any man irrespective of his/her estate in life can change his life. You can!

See here is a rough draft of the cover artwork of my book. 

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