Saturday, 16 July 2011


I run into a lot of people who tell me what they want to do, things they hope to accomplish and regale me with stories of how it’s going to happen. This is common especially among young adults, though older people are not exempted from this syndrome.  

So, this will help you whatever your age range, even if you’re not in my constituency (as if I’m a politician!). My constituency for the better part of the last 18 years of my ministry has been the youths – young men and women full of life, full of dreams. After all, Solomon, ancient king of Israel said too, that the glory of young men is their strength, strength to pursue their dreams.

It’s been said that you cannot build a reputation on what you’re going to do. And it’s true! You will be respected for what you have done, not for what you thought to do!

Is there a dream in your heart? It is only an intention. You will be remembered, not for your intentions but for your inventions.

The Bible puts it strongly: “To him that knows to do good, but does it not, to him it is sin” (James 4:17). So, stop sinning against yourself. Dewey King said, “Unless good intentions are followed by deeds, they avail nothing.”

Do you say, ‘I have it in mind’? You may die with it! Wild dreams do come to pass, but only if the dreamer does something about his wild dream. May I put it to you: INVENTIONS ARE ONLY INTENTIONS THAT ENJOYED ATTENTION!

Do something about that idea in your head today. Tomorrow may never come. You will only be rewarded for what you did, not what you wished to do!

Write the first chapter of that book today. Let it be the first step towards making that intention become an invention.

Speak about that goal of yours to someone today. You may get the help and solution to that envisaged obstacle.

All great men live by this principle: it is inventions that count, not intentions. A visit to the museum will confirm this. Always remember that you will be remembered for what you did, not what you thought to do! Turn your intentions to inventions. Selah!

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  1. The neglect of potential is the abortion of purpose. Just do it!