Tuesday, 19 July 2011


There is no security in security. There is no safety in safety. There is no comfort in a comfort zone. The only way to live is to die! The only way to gain is to lose!

Better to walk on water (like Peter) and cry, "Lord, save me lest I perish" while sinking than to sit timidly in the boat. The only way to make history or achieve anything meaningful in life is to dare to take a step of faith, make the move and take the plunge.

Bite more than you can chew and let God help you chew it. It is only when you put your feet in the Jordan that the waters will stop flowing. Come on, step inside that Jordan!

What's your own Jordan today?

When your harvest is due, that is when Jordan overflows its banks (verse 15). That is when your obstacles look more overwhelming, when all hell is let loose, so to speak.

But don't you give up!

It's time to intimidate your intimidations, embarrass your embarrassments, frustrate your frustrations, challenge your challenges and confront your confrontations!

Jordan will part, but you must step inside it!

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