Friday, 7 October 2011


I’m not being pessimistic neither am I trying to be negative but at times we need a kick in the butts to get up and do something. Much has been said about what to do to succeed. And how much that has been ignored by a lot of folks. Often those who most desperately need to adjust their attitude for them to succeed are the least to heed the admonitions. So, I thought, for once let’s see what anyone needs to do to fail, maybe that would cut it. Let’s go!

  1.     Plan well but don’t prioritize.
  2.    Prioritize but put unimportant things first.
  3.   Think, think and think. Do nothing but think, don’t take action.
  4.   Always go back on your words. Renege on your promises, always and you will see how credible you become.
  5. Forget to show appreciation to those who help you succeed. (They will be most eager to not help next time!)
  6. Build your reputation but do not work on your character.
  7.  Always be late to your business premises. Better still if you’re an employee somewhere.
  8. Count nobody to be important but yourself.
  9. Take your spouse for granted and put your home in disarray.
  10. Please everyone at the expense of your own personal goals and agenda.
  11. Be consistent at inconsistency.
  12. Always have it in mind to do good but never get to doing it.
  13. Know something about everything but make sure you don’t know everything about something. Be jack of all trades but be master of none.
  14. Pay no attention to your health.
  15. Accept every advice you are given (if you don’t know that the best advice ever given is that you don’t have to take every advice!)

Do these, my friend and you sure need nobody to curse you, to fail. Such a one who lives by these fifteen rules and others like it is already under a curse of failure. YOU WILL NOT FAIL!

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