Wednesday, 7 September 2011


This may sound cliché, but it’s not only true, also true is the fact that many people do not understand that this is a fundamental principle of life.

Let me share a personal story. Years back when I was a kid about age 8, I had a teacher in primary class Three. He was mean to us kids, taking out his frustrations on us in outbursts of anger resulting in verbal and physical abuse. I, (and am sure) many others never forgot.

Life went on. Ten years later as a freshman I was on the queue at the University Health Centre in another city, when I heard someone call my name. Wondering who it could be since we were just few days in school, I turned around only to see my teacher from years ago. I asked him what he was doing there. He told me he too was matriculating. Thank God for Jesus! I bore him no grudges. The past is past but I learnt my lesson.

Then we were teacher and student. Now, we’re co-freshmen! The tables had turned. Life had gone full circle. Oh, yes! Indeed life is a cycle. Those who are up today may be down tomorrow and those who are down today may be up tomorrow. So, you don’t despise the “beggar” you meet on your way up, you may need him on your way down!

I think we need to re-evaluate the way we look at the people we meet on our journey in life. We should stop placing people in those little stereo-typed boxes we’ve formed in our heads. Destiny happens in the most unusual of places and with the least likely of people. Tomorrow you may be the one to need the help of the person who needs your help today. Listen, that a man is down today does not mean he will be down forever! Conditions MAY change. Conditions DO change. And conditions WILL change. No condition is permanent!

You see, I’m so passionate about this truth because I’ve seen a lot of people miss out on what God wants to do in their lives because they keep taking people for granted. That’s why I wrote the book – small but powerful! That’s what those who have read it say, not me. A mini-book but it can give you a mega-life! It is titled, THAT I LOOK LIKE A BEGGAR DOES NOT SAY I DO NOT HAVE A THRONE! Simple truths delivering remarkable results.

See, that “beggar” of today like David could actually be a king-in-waiting or a king-in-hiding. Destiny is never written on people’s foreheads. You never can tell any man’s future by looking at their photographs. Never take anyone for granted or you may be grounded!

Lay your hands on a copy of this book THAT I LOOK LIKE A BEGGAR DOES NOT SAY I DO NOT HAVE A THRONE! In it I extracted five simple but significant lessons of life from the story of David and Nabal in the Bible. They are lessons we all need to learn. It’s also available as both a message & an audiobook on CD and in e-book (PDF) formats.

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